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Women in Real Estate Investment

More and more, women are taking control of their own finances, either as one of a couple or as individual investors. Real estate investment is one way in which women are creating financial independence – in fact, research has shown that more women prefer to invest in property than in the share market. The first step of course for both women and men is to learn as much about the property market as you can. Fortunately there is plenty of information and advice available.  The MoneySmart website is a good start for unbiased information. Advice and support is also available from groups and online communities aimed specifically at women, such as Chicks and Mortar and Women in the Black.

Women obviously have as much nous as men do in being able to learn about property investment and make good decisions about their money.  If you lack the confident, however, to negotiate on your own behalf, this is a skill that can be learned.  Books, like The Good Girls Guide to Negotiating by Louise Whitaker and Elizabeth Austin are a good place to start, and there are courses available as well to help give a lady the edge when dealing with lenders, sellers and agents. 

There is also the option for women (and men) who are not feeling confident about navigating the property market to consider hiring a buyers’ advocate to do the hard work of finding, evaluating and negotiating for properties.  Take some time to find a buyers’ advocate who comes with good credentials and who can demonstrate that they understand what you’re looking for. After all, a girl has to look after herself.

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