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Commercial Update with Ted December 2016

Wollongong/Illawarra Commercial Real Estate Market Update

Welcome to the Christmas edition 2016, can you believe Christmas is almost on us now? I'm Ted Hanson, your Commercial Portfolio Manager. It'll be a bit of run through for the year on commercial perspective. I'll look at the three different sections to the commercial market place.

Warehouses we've noticed the particular uptick in enquiry and repurposing of those spaces.  Retail again is increasing marginally. Office space a little bit quiet. The new year expecting to have increased in enquiry again. It's generally a confidence building happening in Wollongong at the moment which is wonderful to see. I'm getting  enquiry at the big end of town which is again very gratifying and certainly great from an employment perspective. And I look forward to a safe and happy Christmas with all your family. Please take care of yourself on the road and I look forward seeing you in 2017.

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