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Property Management Market Update by Karen August 2017

Hello I'm Karen Simpson and welcome to First National Wollongong Market Update for the month of August. Today we are bringing you your market update from outside of the Art Gallery in Wollongong. This art gallery is one of the largest regional art galleries in Australia. The art gallery plays home to Aboriginal Australian and Asian arts so if you happen to be in the area pop in and have a look.


So today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about whether you manage your property yourself or whether you engage in a property manager and neither way is right or wrong. So just some points to consider if you manage it yourself. So first of all you may save on fees, however the fine points you will need to be aware of: Legislation, Documents required with leases, there's also your availability 24/7 for a tenant. There's your tax claims and keeping your asset up to date. Engaging in a property manager will market your property when it becomes available for lease. They will keep you updated in regards to read reviews your in going reports, your outgoing reports, bond claims, when it comes to tax time we're able to give you the documentation to be able to claim on your taxes. Also if there is ever any tribunal cases the property managers are well equipped to deal with those challenges. So if you have any questions relating to your property please contact to a property manager who are only too happy to help you.


So in the last seven days, First National Wollongong has had 233 inquiries we've had 30 inspections we've had 112 respective tenants go through our properties we have had 29 applications received and we have at least six properties so until next month bye for now.



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