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Property Management Market Update by Karen December 2017

Hello! I'm Karen Simpson and welcome to First National Wollongong's Property Management Update for the month of December.


Well who would believe we are in December already and Christmas is just less than two weeks away. As we prepare for the Christmas break, just a few reminders to keep your property investment running smoothly:
If your property is vacant, we will continue to do inspections throughout the break and keep you updated on applications
Rental payments will continue as per normal except for the public holidays
Repairs and maintenance will also continue as normal and we have in place emergency tradespersons on standby
The market is still showing a lot of stock around however there has been a slight improvement. With the New Year fast approaching, we should see an increase of investment property lease specially with the new intakes at the university.
Your property manager will also still be monitoring your rent and making sure you are getting the best possible dollars for your investment property.
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my team to wish you and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe 2018! so until next year, bye for now.
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