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Property Management Market Update by Karen July 2017

Hello, I'm Karen Simpson and welcome to your July Property Management Update. Today, we are bringing you your update from North Beach Pavilion. This Pavilion has been established since 1958. Recently, a few years ago, it went under a few renovations and inside of it we have a lovely restaurant. So if ever you're in Wollongong, you need to pop in and have a bite to eat. 

So the 2016/2017 end of financial year has passed. For all our investor clients that have not received their end of financial year statement, please contact your property manager and for our past clients, if you are requiring your end of financial year statement, please also contact your property manager who are happy to organise it for you.
In the last seven days, First National Wollongong has had  89 enquiries, 34 inspections, we've had 14 applications received, 6 properties leased and our average market rent is $420. 
It was recently reported in Illawarra Mercury that the Wollongong region has been named as a hot pick region. For those investor clients that are looking to purchase a rental property, if you can get your foot in the door, they are saying it's a sure thing. 
Experts are calling Wollongong a new world city and the reason we are being called that is because of our infrastructure, our high quality of life, our schools and our education, and our tourism. You will also see an increase in the investor renter, this person is the one that will rent a property in the area they love, for example Wollongong, but will purchase a property in another area that they can afford. 
So you can see why people are looking to invest or even purchase in our beautiful region, Wollongong, having a look around today you will see that the sun is shining. There are lots of people enjoying themselves and having a great cup of coffee or a bite to eat. So if you happen to be passing by this way, pop in and say hello. Until next month, bye for now.
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