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Property Management Market Update by Karen March 2017

Hello my name is Karen Simpson and welcome to your Property Management market update for March.

Today we are bringing you your market update at the Deli & Dine in Wollongong. And we'd like to thank Jo and her team for allowing us to film here today.

Our role as your property manager is not only to manage your property but also to maximise your investment income on your investment property.

We not only do this by keeping your rents at market levels and keeping your tenants in fixed term leases but also suggesting ways to maximise your income on your rental investment.

As part of this we recommend that you have a tax depreciation schedule and inspection done on your investment property.

We have arranged a large number of tax depreciation schedules for our investor clients, saving them approximately a $120 per week.

Once again we'd like to thank Jo and her team from Deli & Dine for allowing us to do our market wrap for March here today. Pop on down and grab a bite to eat, have a quick coffee, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at this beautiful spot.

Until April, bye for now.

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