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Property Management Market Update by Karen October 2017

Hello I'm Karen Simpson and welcome to First National Wollongong Property Management update for the month of October. Today we're going to be talking a little bit about pet friendly rentals. Pet friendly rentals are in high demand across New South Wales roughly 10% of all Australian rentals are pet friendly with 63% of Australians owning a pet. Keeping pets and tenants together reduces animal surrender and also it rents the property faster so it's a win-win for all parties.

For the month of October First National Wollongong will be focusing on landlord insurance as in our first section where I've spoken about pet friendly rentals, our EBM insurance covers landlords for $65,000 worth of a pet damage so it's well worth looking into your landlord insurance and seeing whether your policies do cover this amount and also if you don't have a landlord insurance please contact your property manager who will only be do happy to help you with that. So in the last seven days First National Wollongong has had 246 inquiries we've had 37 inspections we've had a hundred and eleven inspect the properties we've had 30 applications and we placed six properties.

So just focusing on the next 10 weeks is up until Christmas so if you do have any repairs or maintenance big repairs or maintenance that you may need I suggest that you contact your property manager who also be able to help you get any of those big repairs or maintenance because it is only ten weeks till Christmas.

So until next month bye for now...

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