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Property Management Market Update | March 2018

Hello I'm Karen Simpson and welcome to your March property management market update. Today I'm going to talk to you about tenant insurance with DBM. Most of us are aware that our invested clients take a landlord insurance to protect their property against damage or rented fall cause of a tenant. However as a tenant you can also take a tenant insurance. Affordable premiums and easily achieved security requirements make tenant cover a smart choice which is include contents against thief or damage by fire, explosion, to storm or flood. Liability cover up to ten million in case some injured themselves on the property you rent and you are at fault or household goods and personal fix excluding hassle point with premiums starting from as slow as 212 AUD for New South Wales. You can apply online, call or fill in an application. If this is something that you may have thought about but been not sure, please contact your property management for more information. In the last seven days, First National Wollongong has a 128 enquiries, we've had 37 schedule inspection, 90 registered tenants and 17 applications received and now every rent for properties lease is 410 AUD. So until next month. Bye for now

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