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Property Management Update by Grant Fanning | April 2018

Hello my name is Grant Fanning I'm the general manager for First National Wollongong. This video is to keep you up to date with the trends in the property management space of Wollongong. We are fast approaching a quiet period in the year for leasing. Vacancy the latest this month is 2.3% which is almost double the same time last year and up .7% from November, this means there is not as many tenants around and of the same upward pressure on rent which as it was a year ago. The message is to lock in a tenant now even if they're not paying quiet as much as you’d hope. Certainly, come over the winter months is much better that a prolonged period of vacancy. Peace of mind is what almost every landlord wants in relation to their investment property and yet every day we see owners lose money unnecessarily. If they were covered by landlord insurance easily be avoided the cost is minimal and a whole range of tenant issues could be covered including loss of rent damaged by the tenant through to the more exotic covers such as tenants departing without notice and malicious damage for the tenants pets. Talk to your property manager who can easily set this up for you. Until next time, thank you very much.

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