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Residential Property Market Update by Sean November 2017

Hi I'm Sean O'Connor from First National Real Estate with your November Market Update. Well we're down here at North Beach it's another glorious day in the Gong. A great day for buying and selling property. Well it's no secret that the market has shifted, it shifted from what we term a seller's market to what I now term a balanced market - it's a market that provides equal opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

For people looking to sell their property there's going to be a lot more competition now and you must have what I termed the three P's which is Price, Promotion and Presentation. Firstly, your price must be accurate and you must listen to the market feedback. Your promotion must be far-reaching and encompass all sectors of the market as they say to catch the big fish you need a big fishing net and the presentation, well the presentation must be spot-on us you only get one opportunity to make a first impression and you've got to remember there's a lot of other properties they're going to be on the market and competing with your property for the buyers’ money.

If you're a buyer looking to purchase you must be ready. Have your finance ready because when you find that ideal property there's going to be other people that'll be also interested in their property and there will be competition to purchase and you must be able to act quickly and swiftly so as I said earlier this is certainly a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers for buyers as price has become more affordable this is your opportunity to gain a foothold in the market.

Well I'm Sean O'Connor for the First National Real Estate Wollongong this has been your November Market Update Happy House Hunting and I hope to see you on one of our opens soon

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