Rachael Cottrell
Property Manager
An experienced real estate professional, Rachael Cottrell excels in her role as Property Manager at First National Wollongong by always looking for better ways to help her clients with their property in her beloved Wollongong.

Rachael has over 8 years’ experience in all areas of real estate within the Wollongong area, from Sales to Residential and Commercial property management. She also holds a Certificate of Registration in Real Estate.

Her love of real estate came at an early age, she enjoys how her role can take her to the many stunning locations of Wollongong - on a daily basis where she gets to discover many styles of properties our city has to offer, this mixed with the opportunity of meeting different people each and every day- she is in her element.

Rachael is proud to work with First National Wollongong based on their strong community values and the professional attitude embodied in the staff. An active person, Rachael enjoys travel and adventure, from exploring hidden bays in her kayak to discovering a new coffee shop with the family.