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The Latest Trends in Wallpaper

It seems our renewed love affair with wallpaper is here to stay; with texture, colour and patterns transforming dull rooms, wallpaper is taking centre stage for home decorating.

Unlike the days of the 1970s, digital technology has launched this decorating medium into the 21st Century and beyond with unlimited potential for pattern and texture. Drawing inspiration from vintage patterns, monochrome design and even animal prints, it seems that anything goes when it comes to papering our walls.

Four or five years ago, the trend was for big bold patterns to add a daring feature wall. This season, however, we are heading towards more muted tones, softer florals and brushed mettalics that are suitable to hang on more than just one wall in a room.

With so many tutorials and life hacks online to show the easiest ways to remove wallpaper, there’s never been a better time to change up the look of a room with textured and coloured walls. Use wallpaper as the backdrop to a stunningly decorated room.

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