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3 Clever Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Whether it’s a new modern piece in the latest design or a rustic vintage DIY makeover, mirrors can be a focal point of any room. Mirrors have evolved past their original purpose to give us a reflection of our faces. A well-placed mirror provides light, gives a sense of a larger space and can make a statement on its own. Here are some clever ways to incorporate mirrors into your home stying:

1. Make the most of a view that is only accessed from one part of a room. Adding a large mirror to reflect the view not only adds interest but gives you the perception of a larger outside view.

2. Contrary to what you may think, hanging a very large mirror in a small room does not overwhelm the space. In fact, the reflected light and appearance of depth that’s created can open up an otherwise dull room. Consider hanging a large mirror to reflect a beautiful piece of art on an opposite wall or perhaps to showcase a spectacular light fixture.

3. Mirrors aren’t limited just to those that you can hang on the wall. Consider the use of mirror-finished pieces of furniture such as a sideboard or coffee table to give the impression of more floor space and to give the illusion of furniture blending into its surroundings.

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