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8 Steps to Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

1. Declutter your bench tops!  A good clean up should always be the first step, even before you make any other plans.  Kitchen benches can so easily become dumping grounds for household bits and pieces, and unused appliances.  Get rid of things that you don’t use, and store the things you want to keep somewhere out of sight. Decluttering makes a huge difference to the look of your kitchen and it’s FREE!  Once you’ve cleared the decks you can give your kitchen a good hard look and decide what really needs to be done.

2. Set a budget - Once you know how much money you can spend it’s easier to decide what changes are going to give you the most dazzle for your dollar.

3. Repaint your ceiling - Kitchen ceilings become dingy from dust, smoke and cooking fumes.  Putting a fresh coat of white paint on the ceiling will really bright things up. 

4. Flooring - Good ol’ linoleum isn’t what it used to be. The patterns and colours that you can get now are on trend and it is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean.

5. Bench tops – Call in a business that specialises in resurfacing kitchen benches and other surfaces in your home (splashbacks, cabinets, and tiles).  They can even put a real granite surface over the top of your old bench!

6. Cabinets – Cabinets can also be resurfaced or you could set aside a weekend to repaint your cabinet doors yourself. Take one of the doors along to your local paint seller and discuss what products will get you the best result.  Even changing the handles on your cabinet doors can improve the look of your kitchen.

7. Consider open shelving - If you have some overhead cabinet doors that are beyond rescue, you could remove them all together and display some of your more decorative kitchenware on the open shelving.

8. Add some light - Adding more lighting and updating your fixtures can really energise a drab kitchen.  There are a myriad of options, from stringing a do-it-yourself strip or rope lighting underneath cabinets, to installing elegant ceiling pendants. You could also try cleaning your windows – that’s free as well!

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