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Advantages of Ducted Vacuum Systems

A ducted vacuum system might seem like a bit of a luxury but, particularly if you suffer from dust or pollen allergies, installing a system has many advantages.  

Powerful suction
Many owners of ducted systems report that they are more powerful than the average vacuum cleaner, and leave your carpets and floors much cleaner.   Remember though that power levels could vary between models.
Less dust in the air  
With a normal vacuum cleaner, there is always a small amount of dust that gets blown back into the air via the exhaust.  Ducted systems suck it all away, so the air in your house will be much clearer and easier for allergy sufferers to cope with.
They are also quieter than other vacuum cleaners, as the motors are located away from the living areas.  It’s possible for someone to watch television or have a phone conversation while the vacuuming is being done. 
Easy to use   
Navigating a heavy vacuum cleaner around your furniture can be cumbersome and hazardous.   With ducted systems you attach the hose to an outlet in each room so it’s much easier to manoeuvre and there are no power cords to trip over.
Installing a ducted system is a big commitment and of course some products will be better than others.  Do a bit of research about the various systems that are available before investing and installing one into your home.
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