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Are You Sure Your Home is Fire Safe?

Unfortunately, as we head into winter, house fires are more often brought to our attention on the news. While many of us assume that our homes are fire safe, there are some unexpected factors to consider in order to make your home is as safe as possible. Take a walk through your home and check the following conditions to ensure the safety of your family.

The Usual Suspects:

  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children

  • Don’t leave burning candles unattended

  • Ensure smoke detectors have new batteries and are in good working order

  • Don’t leave cigarette butts unattended

  • Keep fabric or clothing at least 1 metre away from heaters

  • Never leave pots and pans unattended on the stove

The Not-So-Obvious Causes:

  • Faulty electrical wiring, particularly in older homes

  • Overloaded power boards or electrical adaptors

  • Soot-clogged chimneys

  • Open fireplaces without appropriate screening

  • Not regularly cleaning out lint filters in clothes dryers

  • Fabric draped over lamps

Even the sun shining through a glass object and onto fabrics can cause a fire. Take a tour around your home to make sure glass ornaments and the like won’t act as a magnifying glass and start a fire to your curtains or lounge. It’s important to have an escape plan in the event of a fire. Make a point of having a conversation with everyone in your home to decide and practice what to do in case of a fire. Ensure children know the “stop, drop and roll” rule in case their clothes ever ignite. Also keep fire blankets and fire extinguishers in easy-to-reach places in the home. In the unfortunate event of a fire, call the Fire Brigade on 000 immediately.

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