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Beautiful Bulbs to Plant Now

Autumn is the time to plant bulbs in anticipation of their magical unfurling in spring. They grow well in pots on balconies or in courtyards and are as equally delightful planted in drifts out in your garden for a charming cottage look.

In the garden

For the best results, choose bulbs that come from a similar climate to where you live. Their need for shade, drainage and water will vary depending on where they originate so make sure you read the planting and care instructions. In general, they need to be planted 2 times as deep as the bulb.  Plant your bulbs with the pointy side up (with the exception of ranunculi).  If you’re not sure which way is up, plant the bulb on its side and it will find its way to the surface in time for spring. 

In pots

If you’re short on space, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths all do very well in small containers.  Bulbs can handle a bit of crowding so plant them reasonably close together. You can plant other seasonal plants like violas or pansies on top of the bulbs so you fill the entire surface with colourful flowers rather than bare soil.  

One of the loveliest aspects of growing bulbs is that they will reappear again each year if they are given a bit of feeding during their growing season.

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