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Best Indoor Plants Back to the Future

A touch of greenery in a home brings a feeling of freshness and life into any indoor space. Not only are they beautiful to look at, indoor plants also help to purify the air and are said to make us feel calmer and more optimistic. Here are our top picks for indoor plants that were once iconic in the late 20th Century and are now making a comeback.

Maidenhair Fern
This indoor plant that enjoyed great popularity in bathrooms in the 1980s is a beautiful way to bring softness and greenery to a space. With its long, delicate foliage, it grows well in the humidity of the bathroom or laundry and, when teamed with a modern and sophisticated pot, brings this classic into the 21st century.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
No longer a daggy 1970s plant, with its strong and vertical leaves, this is a terrific addition to a home. The bonus? It is hardy and forgiving for those who are likely to neglect its maintenance. 

Umbrella Tree
The height of this plant makes it ideal to fill in a corner or a space that needs a little height and colour. Its high dome of drooping leaves and the interesting markings on the trunk of this plant make it both an interesting and cheerful addition to a room.
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