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Best Screening Plants

Most of us need to use some sort of screening in our gardens, either to hide the less glamorous aspects of our yards, or to give a bit of extra privacy from neighbours or passers-by.


Screening plants can hide a multitude of sins whilst adding beauty and interest to your garden.  

Climbers are a good option as there are so many different varieties to choose from.  Of course you do need a structure for them to climb on.  Hardenbergia Violacea is a native evergreen climber that has dark green leaves, and produces dark purple pea flowers in winter and spring.  Bougainvillea is another popular choice for its beauty, vigour and dense foliage that creates an excellent screen.  Bougainvillea does need a good annual prune though to keep it under control. 
Other options for screening plants include hedges, or a closely planted row of shrubs such as hibiscus. Clumping bamboos are shallow-rooted, non-invasive plants that make excellent and attractive screening plants.  Suitable types include Bamboo Gracillis and Timor Black. Bamboo is a good option if you would rather go for a built structure to provide screening.
Attractive, strong, lightweight and cost-effective, bamboo screens and fences are readily available from hardware and specialist stores. It’s also a sustainable option as bamboo is so fast growing.
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