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Compost with Style!

There are really only two options for making a pile of rotting vegetables look stylish… Make your compost bay or container out of something appealing on the eye - or hide it behind something that is appealing on the eye.

There are a lot of materials that are suitable for making a compost bin or bay. A corrugated iron compost bay is a fun nod to an Aussie icon and you can choose galvanised or coloured.  Rather than straight edges, consider bending the metal into a curved shape for a more stylish look. Wooden compost bays or bins can be made using slats or recycled wood such as old fence palings. Decorative bricks also make attractive compost bays although these are a bit more labour intensive to build.

If you just want to go for a standard looking compost bin, or don’t feel particularly excited by a view of rotting vegetables no matter how you dress them up, you can hide your bin in a variety of cunning ways. Locate it behind your garage or another out-building.   Put your compost bin behind a lattice covered in a sweet smelling vine like jasmine or passionfruit.

If you have an informal garden you can obscure the view of your compost bin by placing it amongst existing trees or shrubs.  Hedges are a good alternative for concealing your bin if you have a more formal garden.

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