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Cool Your Home

From the humble electric fan to ducted air-conditioning, today we take a look at the best in value and efficiency when it comes to cooling you down in the summer months.

Electric Fan
Portable, affordable and effective, a simple fan can ease the heat by circulating air around the room. Fans are also very useful for hot nights when the stillness of the hot air can inhibit sleep.
Evaporative Cooler
As the name suggests, an evaporative cooler cools the air through the evaporation of water. Cheaper to run than an air-conditioning unit, they work best in dry environments where humidity is not a major factor.
Single Air-conditioning Unit
To cool a small area efficiently and quickly, a single air-conditioning unit is great. They work well in rooms that can be enclosed by doors in order to stop the cool air from escaping quickly. The concentration of the cool air from the unit can make the room uncomfortably cool though if a temperature setting is not available on the unit.
Ducted Air-conditioning
The gold standard in cooling in Australia, having ducted air-conditioning in your home means you can set the temperature and let the unit do the work for the whole house, even setting different zone temperatures in some systems. On the upper end of the expense scale, ensuring your home is well-insulated enables you to limit the times of use to outside of the peak period of the day.
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