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Copper A Trending Material for Styling Your Home

Dress it up or dress it down – depending on how you use it copper can add either glamour or cosiness to your home.  More and more designers are using copper to create beautiful and useful pieces for interior decorating and fixtures.

Copper makes a big impact so it’s smart to start with one or two accessories and see how copper will look in your home. Small household items like lamps, bowls or candleholders are a good low-commitment way to experiment with copper.  For ultra-low-cost experimentation you can use copper spray paint to revamp an old picture frame or planter pot. If you like the effect – or just want to throw caution to the wind – you can invest in larger pieces like copper chairs, tables, bathtubs and bed frames.  
Copper can add a surprising warmth and depth to kitchen décor. Try a traditional copper kettle for your stovetop, or copper cookware and cutlery. Copper sinks are also becoming popular for their beauty and durability.  Remember though that copper is highly reactive and will darken and mottle easily – if you want your sink to retain an even tone then copper may not be for you. Another important thing to note before you invest in a copper sink or cookware is to make sure that the copper is certified as lead-and-mercury-free.
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