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Easy Feng Shui For Your Home

Winter is the perfect time to assess the flow and light in your home. Ancient Taoists believed that everything in this world creates energy; either positive or negative. In order to have a harmonious home, it is the creation and flow of positive energy through Feng Shui that leads to a balanced and harmonious life. Follow these easy (and budget-friendly) steps to bring Feng Shui into your home.

1. Rid your rooms of clutter. Clutter interrupts the flow of positive energy, so consider storage solutions with clean lines and subdued features.

2. Natural light represents energy and is an important part of Feng Shui. Ensure your space has as much natural light as possible through doors, windows or skylights.

3. Get rid of excess furniture that displaces the flow of energy and balance. Aim for a clear pathway through your home to encourage a natural flow. 

4. Let nature in by having well cared-for plants in your home.

These principles are easy ways to bring light and energy into your home. Deal with one room at a time and enjoy giving yourself more space, more light and more free flowing energy thanks to Feng Shui.

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