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Easy Tween Room Make-Overs

Your little girl or boy has grown out of fairies or trains for the décor in their bedroom and are wanting to upgrade to a more grown up way to express their personality in their rooms. What are some of the ways to make over a child’s bedroom without breaking the bank?

  • Paint the walls a clean, neutral colour  and express their personality with accessories
  • Use a paint with a finish that makes it easy to remove posters from walls
  • Shelving may be important as they want to display their collections and start to take pride in their room’s appearance
  • Update their bedding for a comfortable night’s sleep with coverings that reflect your child’s personality

At this age, children will love to become involved in decorating their own room. They are at an age where they are trying to discover who they really are and self-expression through room decorating is a great way to give room for finding their own individuality. Have fun and enjoy this new stage of your child’s life.


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