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How To Create A Calming Nursery For Your Baby

When it comes to preparing for your baby to arrive, at some point you’ll be thinking of where your baby will sleep or spend naptimes. Although many parents have their baby in their own room in those first few weeks, eventually there will be a time when baby will move to their own bedroom. Here are some calming ideas to encourage settling, help with night feeds and create a welcoming space for your baby.

Paint - The wall colour will set the overall tone for the room, so opt for soft pastel or neutral colours. Colour experts suggest subtle greens, blues and yellows for their calming and refreshing qualities.

A comfortable chair in the nursery is a practical addition to help with night feeds and settling. Take the time to find a chair that will be comfortable and provide optimum postural support.

A small table next to the nursing chair is invaluable. This gives you somewhere to place your water, phone or book while nursing or settling.

Neutral or pastel colours transition easily into an older child’s room as baby grows. With the addition of accessories, rather than a dramatic colour scheme change, you can update the look of the room for an older child.

A light with a dimmer switch is useful for when gentle light is needed. Having a ceiling light rather than a table lamp is safer, eliminating the temptation for bub to investigate electrical sockets and cords.

Curtains - Blackout curtains are useful for use during daytime naps when sunlight may be overbearing. During the night and into the early morning, having natural light come into the room to wake your child may have a positive effect on their circadian rhythms as they grow.

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