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How to Decorate on a Budget

Feeling a bit “blah” about your home? Want to give it a facelift but have little or no money to do it? Here are some clever ways to spruce up your living areas with little or no great expense.

Get rid of obvious rubbish and then take a critical look at what is left. Decide on what you love and use and get rid of the rest.

Use what you’ve got
Have a sideboard full of beautiful china that only gets brought out when the Queen comes to visit? See if there’s a clever way you can use these pieces to create small areas of interest in the home. A pretty cup and saucer can be used to hold a tea light candle; a cut glass bowl can be used to hold a plant. Think outside the square to use much loved items in interesting ways.

The simple task of rearranging your furniture can breathe new life into a space without spending a cent. You can then look at the area critically and see what it really needs to bring out the best in the room.

Save the splurge
Rather than haphazardly buying knick-knacks you see on a shopping trip, take a measured approach. After decluttering, rearranging and using what is already available, you’ll clearly see what is missing from a space that you would like to change. You’ll then be able to save your money for that one special piece that you love and know that it will work well in the space.
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