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How to Make Use of the Space Under the Stairs

Unless you have Harry Potter sleeping in the cupboard under your stairs, you may be able to rethink how to use that space. In fact that space under the stairs can be a great place for kids to curl up and read all about Harry Potter. 

Create a reading nook. Put in a small bookshelf, a comfy chair or beanbag and a lamp to create a cosy reading nook.  

Fill the whole space with bookshelves and position a settee or armchair nearby for that home library that you’ve dreamed of.

Make a small home office underneath the stairs with a desk and a shelf or two. For very small homes, you could install a shut-away laundry under the stairs.

Create a custom storage solution.  Consider engaging the services of a carpenter to create storage, cupboards, drawers or shelves that will fit the shape of the space perfectly. Make it as attractive and useful as you can – wide deep drawers for example not only look stylish but will keep your linen beautifully organised and accessible. 

Create a landing pad for your stuff.  If your stairs are near the front door you might like to create a ‘landing pad’ for off-loading your paraphernalia when you arrive home.   Some open shelving installed under the stairs can provide a discreet place for shoes and bags. Include some hooks for coats, hats and keys.  Families with small children can make a space for prams and strollers.

Store your sporting gear. For the sporty homeowner the space under the stairs can be a convenient spot to keep your sporting equipment.  Again, a bit of thought (and maybe some help from that carpenter) will keep it looking neat and well organised. You can even install hooks to hang bicycles under the stairs to keep them off the floor and away from walls.
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