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How to Scrub Up Your Outdoor Furniture

Spring is springing – the days are growing longer and trees are unfurling their blooms.  You’re yearning to take your cuppa outside and bask in the gentle spring sunshine - but before you do that you might want to clean the winter debris off your garden furniture. Getting dust on the seat of your pants or having a spider join you for morning tea can really ruin the moment.  

Basic cleaning is the same for all types of outdoor furniture.  Start by dusting or brushing of any dirt or debris that has accumulated on your furniture.  Follow this by washing it down with warm soapy water and leaving it to dry in the sun.

Dealing with stains or rust depends on what material your furniture is made of.  

Glass -– After a basic clean, spray the glass with vinegar and wipe with a clean cloth or some scrunched up newspaper to get rid of stains and streaks. Make sure you clean the underside of glass tables regularly to prevent irreversible stains.  

Wood – If you need to you can gently scrub wooden furniture with a brush during the basic cleaning.  Just make sure you scrub along the grain.  Obviously you can sand wood (again along the grain) but you might need to re-stain or paint it afterwards.

Metal – Look out for rust spots, and after the basic cleaning rub away the rust with steel wool. You can always touch up the paintwork but ignoring rust spots when they appear will shorten the life of your furniture.

White Plastic - Wipe the furniture down with some diluted bleach.

Coloured plastic – Don’t use bleach on coloured plastic – you’ll ruin the colour! Instead try a mixture of water and white vinegar or an all-purpose cleaner from the supermarket.

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