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How to Use That Little Nook in Your Home

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated space in your house to hang coats and bags and other every day essentials, you’ll know how valuable it can be to have one central area in which to keep these items. Even if you don’t have a dedicated alcove or void area that you can use, a simple way to create a usable space is a simple as treating your foyer or entrance way with a few clever touches.

Sideboard or Hall table – Choose a table with drawers to keep clutter out of sight and 

Recharging points – install a multi-charger adaptor to rest on the table to have one central area in which your devices can be placed. This not only keeps the tangle of cords under control, but also provides an area to always take your device back to, reducing the time you need to spend looking for your “lost” phone!

Hooks for bags and coats – One hook per person is the ideal, but if you’re stuck for space, consider using hooks for coats and using cupboard space for bags.

If you have an older style home with a narrow entrance or hallway, perhaps consider using a corner of the lounge room or kitchen for this purpose. Regardless of where in the house it is, having a dedicated space to find essential everyday items (rather than them cluttering the kitchen bench or coffee table) will keep you organised and ready to tackle each day head on.
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