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Hung Out to Dry Clothes Lines for Your Home

The humble clothesline - a relatively boring feature in our backyards - is one item that is used every day by most Australian families. Considering we are lucky enough to have so many days of sunshine each year in Australia, it makes sense to place your clothesline in an area that gets optimal sunlight and airflow. There are different lines designed for different spaces and they all have their pros and cons. Here are some aspects to consider when installing or replacing your clothesline.

Location – not only will you want to consider the placement for maximum sunshine and breeze, you also don’t want to be staring at your clothesline as a feature when you look out the back window. 

Structure – If you are restricted by where you can install your line, consider a fold down model that you can hide against the wall when not in use, thereby giving your eyes a rest from seeing the washing from the view out your window.

Access – there is no point in having a terrific line in the perfect sunlit space if it is hard for you to get to or too narrow for you to carry the basket of washing to it. Placing your line way down the back of the yard may take the shine off having the perfect position as you struggle each day to take out and bring in the washing from so far away from the laundry. 

Extra lines – for those weeks when the sun doesn’t shine or days of rain, there are many fold up lines available that can be temporarily placed in the garage, laundry or under an awning. If you live in an area that often gets rain, a line that pulls out from the wall and retracts when not in use could be the answer.

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