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Is it Possible to Have a Stylish Room for Your Teenage Boy?

The words “Stylish Rooms” and “Teenage Boys” may not often appear in the same sentence! But with a little planning you can make the most of the room’s space, whilst still leaving plenty of room for self-expression and encouraging a little tidiness along the way.

Out of sight and out of mind. Lots of storage space is perfect for hiding sports’ gear and clothes. A built-in wardrobe is a must along with bookshelves and storage cubes.

A loft bed, often associated with younger kids gives teens the option of having a hang out or gaming space underneath. Loft beds are available in single, double and queen sizes and make use of vertical space that would otherwise be left unused.

If your teen wants to get involved in the decorating of their room, let them choose colour schemes they like. Otherwise, opt for muted colours in slate, granite and charcoal tones with accents colours of orange, lime and white.

Teens are more inclined to prefer low lighting so opt for switch dimmers to allow for both soft lighting and bright lighting during study time.

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