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Keeping Your Indoor Pets (and you!) Happy

Does your pampered pooch or pretty kitty live inside the house? If so, there are a few things to consider to help keep your home looking (and smelling!) its best while still giving your pet the freedom to enjoy your home.

1. Toys – make sure they have toys to play with to keep them from becoming bored when you can’t give them attention. A bored pet is far more likely to scratch furniture or chew curtains.

2. Bedding – provide comfortable and warm bedding for your pet in one area of the house that you are happy for them to sleep in. This may be as simple as a plump blanket on top of the laundry bench, right up to a heated sleeping mat in a cat climbing tower. Keep bedding off the floor where possible to reduce the chill from the ground seeping through the bedding to keep your pet warm at night.

3. Cleaning up mess – no matter how well trained your pet is, sooner or later there will come a time when there is a mess to clean up. There are many products available at your pet shop that can help eliminate stains and odours. And a good ol’ fashioned pack of bicarbonate soda is great to have on hand to help get rid of strong smells.

4. Training – all pets (and owners) benefit from a little pet training when they are young. From proper toilet training to setting clear boundaries, putting these principles in place as soon as possible will reduce the amount of time spent on reprimanding and being frustrated that the cat has been in the bedroom again!
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