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Light Up the Dark

As the days get shorter and the sun loses a little of its vigour, we take a look at some clever ways that you can create light in a dark space in your home. 

On a Budget

Mirrors, carefully placed, can reflect light from other areas in the room. Adding a mirror at the end of a hallway creates depth and light.

Reduce window dressings. Have you been using heavy curtains to fend off the harsh summer sun? Tie them back for the cooler season and let the light shine in.

Love dark furnishings, fabrics or walls? Soften those dark hues by placing pieces that you already own to reflect light. Think: glass, crystal and sheer fabrics.


Invest in a skylight to bring the natural light in. Seek advice from an interior designer to decide on placement to ensure you won’t also invite harsh summer heat in during the warmer months.

An obvious one is to add more electrical lighting. Shop for pendant lights with classic muted shades or, if space is limited, consider installing wall lights to add soft light that doesn’t intrude on the space.

Replace flooring to a natural material such as light bamboo and add textured rugs for warmth and interest.

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