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Low Maintenance Curb Appeal

We know that first impressions last and the appearance of our front garden is no exception to this rule. But, with busy lives, we often don’t have the time or energy to tend to a magnificent garden. Instead, opt for a low maintenance garden that is big on appeal. 

We’ve moved on from the boxy hedges of the early 2000s where each fence was lined with the standard photinia and clipped to within an inch of its life. We are now embracing gardens that are lush, water-wise and still beautiful without having to spend hours each weekend looking after them.

Our top 5 plants for a low maintenance garden that pack a punch in the style department are:

Camellia – Available in many styles and colours, the camellia is an old favourite for beautiful flowers and glossy dark green foliage. They are disease-resistant and add a pop of colour to your garden during winter when other flowering plants may be dormant.

Grevilleas – Frost-resistant and drought-hearty, these native plants need little attention once established. Planting these will also attract native birds to your garden.

Agapanthus – Their vibrant balls of violet flowers bloom in summer and their foliage is green year-round. These are also frost and drought tolerant. 

Hosta – Lush and large are the leaves of this plant. It’s the type you can set and forget in a slightly shaded area. In late winter you can divide the clumped roots and use these in another area of the garden.

Foxtails – These are clumping grasses that are fast growing and available in many colours from soft wheat tones to dark maroon. Care should be taken with pets, however, as the barbed seed heads can sometimes cause problems.

Of course, mulch is also a must to discourage weeds and hold moisture. Your local nursery can give you specialist advice on the optimal areas in your garden for these plants to thrive.

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