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Our Insider Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

There are some terrific advantages for selling your home in Spring. Not only are there plenty of motivated buyers, this time of year is often when our homes look their best. Foliage is blooming, lawns are greener and we can sweep away the winter in our homes and open up to let the spring in in.

Here are our insider tips to getting your home ready for sale and what really matters when it comes to impressing buyers:

1. Curb Appeal. It stands to reason that first impressions count! Simply raking leaves, trimming hedges and cleaning the driveway can go a long way towards an inviting entrance. The fewer faults visible to buyers when they first arrive (no matter how small) the better the attitude they will have as they walk inside.

2. Similarly, your entrance way or foyer should be welcoming and uncluttered. Remove family photos and replace them with decorative items that are more generic. This helps buyers envisage themselves living in the house, rather than seeing it as a stranger’s home.

3. Quick Fixes. Every home has little areas that need some work. Even if it’s only some chipped paint or a small cracked window, it’s worth having it attended to. Again, giving buyers less to see that they can count against the property and its aesthetics will be to your advantage.

4. Declutter. Do whatever it takes to remove clutter from inside and outside your home – even if this means putting some things in storage. Presenting your home as free from clutter as possible showcases the amount of space available to buyers and avoids your possessions overcrowding a buyer’s view of the home. Pay attention to the clutter in the garden too; buyers don’t want to see piles of old tools or overflowing sheds in the yard.

5. Listen to the advice from experts. If your real estate agent suggests you should have something fixed, removed or altered, listen to them! They know buyers’ trigger points and how to get the most from your sale.

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