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Quick Growing Plants to Plant Now

Spring is here!  All you frustrated green thumbs who have been waiting out the winter months – your time has come.  

Here are a few suggestions to get your gardening off to a quick start so you can start enjoying the results sooner!


Lettuces are an easy, quick-growing plant – you can harvest them over a long period by just pulling off the outside leaves as you need them. Asian greens sprout and mature very quickly and are great to have in a stir-fry or Asian-style salad.  Radishes are very simple to grow and if you have a bit of space, cucumbers are a satisfying plant that will also produce well over time.  


These are the most useful and easy growing types of plants.  Rocket in particular takes off very quickly.  Basil, oregano, parsley and mint are also quick growers.  Watch out for the mint though as it’s quite invasive – this is best grown in pots to avoid it taking over the rest of the garden.

Spring annuals

Annuals are fun to grow and you’re pretty much guaranteed pots and garden beds of beautiful colour with these favourites.  Try Cosmos, Natsturtium, Alyssum, and Pansies to add instant colour to your garden.

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