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Simple Winter Pool Maintenance

Let’s face it - in winter, one of the last things we think of doing is cleaning the pool. Often left forgotten and grubby, this oasis of summer can turn nasty and end up being a rod for your own back come late spring. Try these simple ways to maintain your pool during winter and get back valuable time when the swimming season starts:

  • Ensure the fence is in good working order to prevent accidents
  • Consider repainting the fence or deck the cooler months
  • Clean your pool thoroughly before placing pool cover over
  • Backwash the filter and remove all debris from filter and skimmer box regularly
  • Give the pool a “shock dose” of chlorine to reduce the build-up of algae
  • Periodically clean decking or tiles around the pool to reduce slips from moss or mould build-up
  • Keep check on the pool chemical levels during the winter to keep water healthy 
  • Put solar heating on winter mode
  • Turn your chlorinator down – most pools need considerably less chlorine when the water temperature is below 22° C  

A little regular maintenance over the winter months will mean you can jump into summer (and your pool) without having to devote many weekends and lots of money at the beginning of the season.

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