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Solar Panels for the Style-Conscious Home Owner

Installing solar panels on your home, particularly in our sun-baked climate, seems like a logical way to save energy and reduce your impact on the planet. 

In the past, the only real option for using solar energy was to compromise the look of your home with big rectangular panels.  Fortunately technology has come a long way in recent years, and solar panels are becoming both more efficient and more stylish. 
Solar panels that look like roof tiles are available from a few roofing companies in Australia.  Known as integrated solar roof tiles, they are a more aesthetically pleasing option than the type of panel that we’re more familiar with.
Thin Film (Amorphous) solar panels are also becoming popular. These are lightweight and flexible, and perform well both in shade and in very high temperatures. 
Developments in solar technology will continue as the residential market expands.  For example, technology has been developed that turns windows into transparent solar panels. Currently this system is being used for commercial and high-rise buildings. But, as the pace of innovation in solar technology increases, more of this type of innovative, efficient and visually discreet product will become available for the residential market.
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