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Solar Power Does it Matter?

In Australia, we are blessed with so many days of strong sunshine, that it seems logical to use this available energy to power our homes. More popular and affordable than ever, solar panelling can help power anything from the heating in your pool, help run your air-conditioner in summer, right up to going almost completely off the grid to be self-sufficient. 

It is clear that solar power is great for the environment and saves money in the long term, and now we are seeing more interest in the property market for those homes that already have solar panels installed. With the recent rise in electricity prices, buyers are attracted to homes that already have solar panels installed, knowing that the home will be less expensive to run for everyday living. 

In fact, the ACT’s House Energy Rating System (which sees each home allocated a star rating for energy efficiency), has shown that homes with just one extra star see a property value increase of 3%, according to a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It seems that this system has paved the way to highlight the benefits of an energy-efficient home and proves it is a factor that is of increasing importance to buyers.

Not sure that you want a row of large solar panels detracting from the beauty of your home? Unlike in years gone by, the options for solar panelling are many and varied and can even be aesthetically pleasing. Panels that are made to look like roof tiles are now available and make the idea of having solar panelling on your roof a far more attractive option.

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