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Storing Your Winter Woollies the Right Way

Avoid damage to your best winter clothing and blankets by following these easy steps this Spring:


Don’t waste space by storing clothes that you don’t want. Have a look through your winter wardrobe – chances are there will be a few items that have lost their shape or that you don’t wear anymore.


Wash everything.  This is important to ensure that all your clothing is really clean before storing. During the warmer months food crumbs on clothes can attract bugs, stains can become permanent, and undiscovered insect eggs could hatch and give you a nasty surprise in the autumn.


Protect your clothes.  Do away with mothballs that are toxic and unpleasant to smell. Keep moths away naturally with aromatic cedar blocks or balls, or bags filled with herbs such as lavender, rosemary, cloves, and thyme. 


Put it away!  Finding the best type of receptacle to store your clothes in is essential. Traditionally people used cedar or camphor chests.  Whatever you choose it should have a good seal.  Plastic containers, unused luggage, or vacuum seal bags are all fine.  The experts recommend lining whatever you use with acid free tissue paper to prevent mould and discolouration.

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