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The Best in Backyard Sheds

Is there an alternative to the daggy corrugated metal shed that can be an eyesore in a yard? 

It’s necessary for most homes (particularly those without a garage) to have an adequate storage shed in which to house garden equipment, pool accessories and/or bikes and toys. Even the narrowest of spaces can be home to a shed with new designs available to fit small spaces at the side of your house.
The size of your yard and access to the shed’s door will be the most important factors when deciding on a shed that meets your needs. If the shed is to be seen directly from a window inside the house, more effort will go into the aesthetics of the design to ensure your shed doesn’t become an eyesore. 
One way to do this is to incorporate a cubby house with the shed. One side can be a locked storage area to keep kids away from tools and chemicals, the other side can be an open area transformed into a mini house or playground. 
If space is hard to come by, there are many slimline sheds available that can fit down the side of your house keeping them out of the way. Just keep in mind the space to access the items from the shed is adequate when installing it. There’s no point housing your lawnmower and not being able to easily access it when you need to. (Although some may argue that this is the perfect excuse to hire a gardener!)
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