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The Best Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

Autumn is well and truly upon us and, as we pack away our bikinis and beach umbrellas, it’s time to think about how to cosy up our homes in readiness for winter. Here are the options for turning up the heat in your home.

For large spaces, you can’t go past ducted air conditioning. With a reverse function, this option suits year round comfort. The ability to set the desired temperature and let the unit do the work is an attractive option.

Gas heaters are a popular choice for smaller areas and provide a cosy feel and intense heat in the immediate surrounds. It is advisable to install a carbon monoxide alarm when you have a non-flued gas heater to alert you should there be an unsafe level of this gas in your home.

Open fireplaces, whilst beautiful to look at are actually not very efficient in heating a home. Much of the heat is lost up the chimney and soot and smoke can be an issue in the house.

Slow combustion heaters, on the other hand provide the beauty of watching flames dance and give plenty of heating to the home. As they do produce a certain amount of pollution they need to be installed correctly and be operated under your local council’s guidelines.

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