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The Lowdown on the Right Lawn for You

Whether you are looking for a hearty lawn that withstands the rough and tumble of kids, or want a lawn that you can keep pristinely clipped, there are now many lawns to choose from to suit different needs. So, what are the differences and how do you know which to choose?


Traditionally a tough, broad-leafed grass, buffalo has come a long way in recent years. New varieties with softer leaves are being favoured by those with young children who want a lawn that is relatively low maintenance. Buffalo is drought tolerant and suitable for full sun and shaded areas.


A soft, small leafed grass, couch is best for low traffic areas due to its very fine leaves. Best suited as an ornamental grass, it requires regular maintenance to keep its manicured appearance.  It grows best in full sun and can quickly become patchy in shaded areas, although there are new varieties on the market that can tolerate medium levels of shade.


Usually the most affordable of domestic lawns, Kikuyu is fast growing but can get quickly out of hand if not mown regularly, particular in the summer months. Care is also needed to keep this grass from overgrowing and invading nearby garden beds. Because it grows so well in winter, it keeps a good green colour on its leaves but must be regularly maintained in order to keep it looking good.

When choosing a lawn for your home, be sure to take into account the amount of sun and shade that the space gets throughout the year and the amount of wear and tear it is likely to have. These will have the biggest bearing on your decision and give you the best chance of having a lawn you can be proud of.

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