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Top Storage Solutions for Your Laundry

Is your laundry a mess? Do you always close the door when visitors arrive? Here’s how to spruce up your laundry and get it organised so it is no longer a room of shame!

  • Install shelves above the washing machine to store liquids and detergents (this helps keep them away from children and pets too)
  • If you have the space, install a long bench on which to fold and store clothing
  • Cut down on sorting time by having stylish hampers labelled Lights and Darks
  • If you are very short on space, hang the ironing board from hooks on the wall
  • Create a system by which every member of the family has their own basket for clean, folded clothes that are ready to be taken to their rooms to be put away
  • A pull-out drying rack that folds down against the wall is a useful space saver for rainy days or drying delicates

When smartening up your laundry, treat it like any other room in your home. Opt for nice paint on the walls and smart accessories in colours that appeal to you. 

Who knows, you may even enjoy doing the washing in your newly organised laundry!

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