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When is an All-White Kitchen Not Such a Good Idea?

White – it reflects light, gives the illusion of more space and clean lines, but are there some situations where you shouldn’t rely just on a white palette for your kitchen?

The exact reasons why you should use white in the kitchen (for space and light) are the same reasons why you should not use this base. 

More space

If you have a very long galley kitchen or a large open plan space, the use of just white in the kitchen can leave it looking stark, clinical and uninviting. A large space may need a base pallet of soft browns or charcoals to give a sense of definition and warmth to the kitchen.

More light

While it’s true that light in the kitchen is essential, too much bright white can take away the homely feel of the kitchen. Being the heart of the home, it’s important for your kitchen to be a welcoming and not clinical space.

Interior designers are the experts when it comes to colour and layout for your renovation. When in doubt, consult a respected professional to help you navigate the importance of colour in your kitchen.

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