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When is the Best Time to Paint your House’s Exterior?

When is the right time to paint the exterior of your home?

The inspiration to change the look of the exterior of your home can strike at any time, but not all seasons of the year of conducive to a great finish on exterior painting.

  • Opt for times of the year with mild temperatures and low humidity to allow paint to stick to the surface without trapping moisture underneath.

  • Saving money now on cheaper paint may cause headaches in the future. Buy the most expensive exterior paint that you can afford in order to save having to repaint again in a couple of years.

  • Preparation is key! Paint won’t stick to flaking, dirty or rough surfaces so ensure you prep the surface thoroughly to get the most out of your hard painting work.

Don’t forget to cover the surrounding areas before you start painting. Ensure all furniture, pathways and greenery is covered to keep paint only where it’s intended to be.

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