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Winter Guide to Heated Floors

While it may seem like a luxury or something more suited to European winters, heated flooring is becoming more popular and affordable in Australia. Ideal for many areas of the home, let’s take a look at how you can use them in your home.


Laid before the floor tiles go down, in-floor heating makes stepping out of the shower on a cold winter morning a lot easier to bear.

Living areas

If you have the advantage of being about to lay a new floor in your home, installing in-floor heating under living room tiles serves not only as a warm surface underfoot, but is also an efficient way to heat a room that has high ceilings. Having the heat rise from under the floor means it has further to travel upwards before being lost in the ceiling cavity. You get more heat where you need it for longer. Heating can also be installed under carpet and floating timber floors.

If renovating a whole floor in a room is not in your budget, you can still use today’s in-floor heating options by having a simple heated underlay under a floor rug. Perfect for living areas or children’s play areas, these removable underlays provide warmth and comfort without the need for a major renovation.

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